Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen
Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen

Dark Circle/ Anti Bag & Wrinkle Eye Massager Pen

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Dark Circle, Bags & Puffiness Make You Look Much Tired, Older & Unhealthy?  

Are You Using The Best Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Face Products Without Any Results 😣?

If You Don't  Like Your  Reflection in The Mirror Anymore, Then Is Time For Change!

Rejuvenate Your Skin Without Spending A Fortune On A Facelift!

🏠 Home Eye Massager For Beauty And Personal Care Is Designed  To Revitalize The Delicate Skin Under The Eyes, Soothes And Refreshes The Skin For A Brighter Appearance❣️




Us human beings are imperfect creatures.

The under-eye skin is one of the thinnest and most delicate areas of skin in the human body and is easily neglected in basic skin care. The area under the eyes can appear darker due to constricted blood vessels causing hyperpigmentation, or from thinning of the skin around the eyes.

The finely textured dermis/epidermis has no oil glands and is ultra susceptible to dark circles, rings, or shadows. Sometimes it seems as though we’re forever cursed with puffy eyes and dark circles - even after a great night’s rest

The good news is that with maintenance and consistency you can get rid of this unhealthy look. 


The Eye Massager is designed to replenish lost collagen and significantly tighten pores all over the face, achieving a look of youthful radiance without undergoing botox, dermal fillers or even a full-blown facelift has never been easier.

This device will help you combat: 

🔉 Puffy eyes

🔉 Dark circles

🔉 Dilutes melanin

🔉 Smooth wrinkles

🔉 Help you absorb the face skin products deeper and faster for instant results


If your face cream/serum/lotion contains ingredients like Peptides, Vitamin C & E, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Amino Acids, etc. then this tool is “Must Have

With the Usual “Hands Alone” application, skin products may not absorb/penetrate as they should be.




Skincare products work best only when absorbed deeper into the skin. The traditional “Hands Alone” tactic doesn’t let these products absorb properly, thus delivering poor results. While revolutionizing application procedures of face creams, serums, and lotions, The Eye Massager absorbs these 6 times better by delivering 75% quicker results.

Based On The Results Of Survey With 100 Users:

➡️ 90% of users said that the  Device made their existing products work better.

➡️ 80% of users said they couldn't believe how much faster they saw results by adding this device.

➡️ many users stated that they were satisfied with their appearance after using the Device


Featuring cutting-edge technology expertly created to provide a wealth of skin-boosting benefits, this intensive face massager is guaranteed to make an asset to any skincare routine – regardless of age.





✅  Reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles to present the most beautiful you

✅  Firm up your skin to rid the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look.

✅  Improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles will relieve you of eye fatigue, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated!

✅  Prevent Crepey Skin and Aging Signs by lifting the face contours and removing face wrinkles and fine line wrinkles around the eyes.

✅  Distribute the applied creams, serums, and lotions evenly and rebuild the collagen of your skin.

✅  Resurface and tighten the skin by taking off dark spots.

✅  Help to dilutes melanin




Gentle massage effectively reduces the dark circles and puffiness cause of stay up or sleepless. Also, help to detox, weaken, and eliminate specks after a long time using. Open your pores and allows serums and creams to enter better. 

High-frequency vibration maximum efficiency of your skincare products, rouse your skin cells' nutrient absorption powers. Relieves Eyes Fatigue Gentle massage can increases blood circulation, effectively relieve eyes fatigue, soothe sore muscles, soothe the skin sense of tension, reduce eyes redness, and pain.



Expertly designed to help combat the most obvious signs of aging, this innovative facial massager provides an effective alternative to wrinkle filler and botox for the face.

The impressive vibrations of this facial machine help tighten pores and replenish collagen, leaving your skin looking youthful and radiant.



With the vibrations not only able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles but enhance overall circulation too, you’ll be left with an entirely rejuvenated complexion that looks healthy and vibrant.



Any skincare lover will understand the importance of morning and nighttime routines.

This device uses gentle micro-vibrations to help open pores and absorb creams and serums into the skin 6x better than the use of fingers alone

This allows your skin to achieve the maximum benefit from your skincare products, and remain hydrated for longer

Giving your skin the maximum benefit from your chosen products in half the time, this device is a real winner for both improving skin quality and saving precious time.



F E A T U R E S :


💫  High-Frequency 9,000 per min. vibrating microspheres help push the product into the skin, resulting in increased absorption.

💫  No Charging - works  on a single AAA battery (NOT INCLUDED)

💫  Lightweight makes cream boosting tool truly portable

💫  Unique Design - The eye cream with a vibrating applicator head and a 45-degree bevel massage head to promote eye cream absorption.

💫  Super easy to use - don’t need to spend money to do expensive eye treatment. Not only using the eye cream on the skin around the eyes, but It also can use as a facial massager..

💫  Cheap- will pay of for 1 week - don’t need to spend money to do expensive eye treatment

💫  Suitable For All Skin  - the Eye Massage is suitable for all types of skin even on sensitive skin.





Oversleeping, extreme fatigue, or just staying up a few hours past your normal bedtime can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become dull and pale, allowing for dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin to show.

Lack of sleep can also cause fluid to build underneath your eyes, causing them to appear puffy. As a result, the dark circles you see may actually be shadows cast by your puffy eyelids.


Only in this sleep phase can blood circulation focus on the tissues and cells of your skin to give your face a more rejuvenated appearance.


Age Natural aging is another common cause of those dark circles beneath your eyes. As you get older, your skin becomes thinner.  As we age, thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen can make the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes more obvious.

Eye strain Staring at your television or computer screen can cause significant strain on your eyes. This strain can cause blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge. As a result, the skin surrounding your eyes can darken.

Iron Deficiency can factor in as a cause of dark circles. Even if you are not a firm believer in the power of a healthy diet, there is a good chance that you will have dark circles and even puffiness in your eyes if you are not consuming nutrient-rich foods.



Medications and Medical Conditions that you are taking can also cause dark circles to appear under your eyes.

Drugs can make the blood vessels under your eyes dilated or will encourage fluid retention. When this happens, the capillaries may enlarge or lymphatic fluid may build-up

Dehydration is a common cause of dark circles under your eyes. When your body is not receiving the proper amount of water, the skin beneath your eyes begins to look dull and your eyes look sunken. This is due to its close proximity to the underlying bone.

Sun overexposure Overexposure to the sun can cause your body to produce an excess of melanin, the pigment that provides your skin with color. Too much sun — particularly for your eyes — can cause pigmentation in the surrounding skin to darken. 

Hormonal changes such as those in PMS or menopause can also cause increased fluid retention and changes to pigmentation in the skin.

Smoking Tobacco restricts blood flow, causing an overly pale appearance to the skin and emphasizing dark under-eye circles. Cigarettes also contain dozens of additional chemical toxins that burden the body with additional chemicals to filter. This labor load detracts from the appearance of vitality.



Cigarette smokers have also been found to be four times as likely as nonsmokers to report feeling unrested after a night's sleep. Smokers spend less time in deep sleep and more time in light sleep than nonsmokers.


Alcohol Consumption worsens dark under-eye circles in several ways. Alcohol consumption increases the workload on the liver and decreases blood oxygenation because alcohol literally replaces oxygen in the blood, causing the intoxicating effect.

Alcohol is a vast-dilator as well, meaning that it causes blood vessels to open further which can cause a swollen, puffy appearance and increase the visibility of bluish color in the under-eye skin. Another way alcohol can contribute to dark under-eye circles is that with more significant consumption it disrupts normal sleep patterns in the body.

Alcohol also digests in the body as a sugar compound, which can cause reactions such as glycation which brings about damage to the skin such as wrinkling and sagging long term.


❗ Taking control of how you care for your body and skin habits will help you appear as the most energized, healthy, attractive version of yourself.





1. Thoroughly cleanse the face and apply desired eye products on the skin (do not rub in).

2. Turn on the device

3. Gently massage in upward motions around the eye area, including under eyes, cheekbones, and brow bone.

4. Use with toners, serums, moisturizers, creams, and sheet masks to help skin better absorb the hydrating and nourishing benefits

5. Use a cloth or cotton pad to sanitize the head after each use.

Use it for 3-10 minutes each time and stick to it for 20 days, you can significantly improve the problems around the eyes.







👉  Sonic Vibration Spa. carry the newest micro-current vibration technology, which effectively accelerates the absorption of skincare products, increases your skin's elasticity and firmness, massage, and tightens your skin. Provides  high-frequency micro-vibration and ions functions help relax the skin and restore youthful luster.

👉 Painless Acupuncture Treatment. There are no needles involved so there is no skin piercing. Simply press the pen onto affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and skin repair.

👉 Functionality  Use around your eyes, on the cheeks, forehead, lips, and nose muscles. Very safe to use for different skins.

It is a good choice for people who want to reduce wrinkles, black eyes, puffiness, or to ease eye muscle pain.

👉 Energizer Stimulates the blood circulation of your skin helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

👉 On The Go ergonomic design and its lightweight, made to fit perfectly in your hands, so you can easily put it in your pocket, bag, or pouch. Great for traveling or at work, having a long day and need to freshen up your look and “feeling”

 👉 Easy To Use. Just apply the following steps Insert 1 x AAA battery (not included) into its location. Apply any desired cream or essence on the area you want to treat. Gently massage the skin around the wrinkle part.



Tired of looking so… tired

Transform the Look and Feel of Your Skin – Get Your Eye Massager Today!

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